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Demonstrate to customers that you are in compliance with federal export control and cybersecurity regulations by taking advantage of CCAT’s expert staff, products and services.

You will increase competitiveness and confidence in your export control programs, so that customers can depend on you as a reliable and secure vendor. To start, read through our Best Practices for helpful tips that can be implemented right now. Our products and services complement your export control programs and get you started on a fast track to compliance. And, our wholly-owned subsidiary, Novus Insight, Inc., has a team of 40 IT-professionals, including a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), to implement the required cybersecurity protocols. Additionally, Novus continues to provide high-quality and affordable information technology and related services.

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Get Cyber Compliant Now!

The first two steps in getting you cyber compliant:

15 NIST Basic Safeguarding Requirements



Best Practices for Your Business